2020 winter/spring study Women’s Bible Study We are going to take this fall through the spring to study alongside Jen Wilkin through the book of Genesis. We are in the of midst of studying the book God of Creation by Jen Wilkin. We will start the next book of Genesis in February, God of Covenant. The same study will have two different times offered; on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. We will have childcare for the Tuesday morning study and the cost will be approximately $15 for the book. Watch for the spring/winter registration to open in January.
November 3, 2019


CELEBRATE MISSIONS WEEKEND September 27-29 Our special guest for Celebrate Missions Weekend is Pastor Chun Ki-Won, Founder of Durihana Mission and Durihana School. In the late 1990’s South Korean businessman Chun Ki-won was visiting along the Chinese-North Korean border looking for new business opportunities. Little did he know he would be led out of multiple successful business ventures and into full-time ministry rescuing the world’s most forgotten people. While along the China-North Korea border he saw a North Korean woman frozen dead in the Tumen River. She died trying to escape her country by crossing the river comprising the border between North Korea and China. As he continued to walk around the city, scores of North Korean children scurried out of the shadows to beg bread, only to be beaten back into hiding by the Chinese authorities. Upon seeing this, he left a lucrative business career, went to seminary and became a Pastor dedicating his life to proclaiming the grace of God to the North Korean people. The ministry began in Seoul, South Korea in the year 1999 with 25 people praying, weeping, and crying out to God on behalf of the physically and spiritually starved people of North Korea.…
June 29, 2019