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The Ties that Bind – Upcoming Sermon Series

Sermon Series: Sunday Mornings, April 7 – June 9 • 8:30 and 10:30am

None of us is an island. None of us can do this life on our own. All of us need community. All of us need family. All of us have ties that bind us to those we love. These ties give us a sense of identity. A sense of belonging. A sense of purpose. They shape and form us over the course of a lifetime. When these ties fray, we feel it. When these ties grow strained, we grieve. When these ties break, we experience loss. Starting after Easter, we will be exploring what the Bible has to say about being part of a family. We will look at the theological foundations to our family systems and talk practically about how to love our families well. We’ll discuss what it means to be part of an extended family, church family, and even the human family. We’ll get honest and real about the struggles all families go through and how Christ Himself can bring healing and hope. Make sure to invite your friends and neighbors to join you as we look to the Holy Spirit to strengthen the ties that bind us all together in Christ!

Full kids programming offered at both morning services on Sundays! If you have any questions about our Kids Ministry, please reach out to [email protected]!