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Ruin & Restoration – Sermon Series

Current Series: Sunday Mornings, January 7 – March 24 • 8:30 and 10:30am

Ruin and Restoration: In a world falling apart, what is God doing to put it back together? One of the great undiscovered treasures of the Bible is found in a section known as the “Minor Prophets” at the end of the Old Testament. These 12 books hit on a consistent theme that remains relevant to this day. Nations rise and fall and rise again only as the place their faith in the Lord. God is faithful to both judge the nations of the earth as well as graciously restore His people to their former glory when they repent and turn to Him. Make sure to invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us as we survey the minor prophets and seek revival and restoration in our world today! Full kids programming offered at both morning services on Sundays! If you have any questions about our Kids Ministry, please reach out to [email protected]!