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Colson Fellows Program

The Colson Fellows Program is a 10-month deep dive into Christian Worldview that will shape your heart and your mind and also your actions to be one that not only analyzes culture but understands God’s beautiful design for culture and how we are called to live into it. We want to invite you to gain wisdom, live faithfully, and act courageously and we invite you to do that with us through the Colson Fellows Program. In How Now Shall We Live, Chuck Colson said, “Christians who understand biblical truth and have the courage to live it out, can indeed redeem a culture or even create one.” This is the challenge facing all of us in our time as we live out our faith. In this current cultural moment, we need to be equipped to have clarity, confidence, and courage to engage our culture and even to create one.

Program Expectations: The Colson Fellows Program is a 10-month course that requires a significant commitment. Students will invest an average of between 6-8 hours per week interacting with the Colson Fellows Online Learning Platform, reading 12-14 books throughout the course, completing daily devotions, video assignments, attending live webinars, and attending one monthly meeting with their study cohort.

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