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PEPC Mission Statement: A spiritually hungry people seeking to turn from sin, become like Christ, and share God’s transforming Word with the World.

PEPC desires to partner with Missionaries and Organizations who share its beliefs and goals to share God’s transforming Word with the World. Prayerful consideration of this Mission Support Application (MSA) will help both PEPC and the applying Missionary to see if a partnership is a good fit and will contribute to the ongoing Ministry/Outreach strategies of each party.

Please choose one.
Please provide phone number, address and email information.
You may check more than one.
Please choose one.
  • 1. Shall send monthly financial investment to contact info provided
  • 2. Shall provide list of Mission Team Members and Contact Information
  • 3. Shall communicate with missionary at least once each quarter
  • 4. Shall pray regularly for our Missionary
  • 5. Shall communicate Missionary’s status and prayer requests to PEPC’s congregation
  • 6. Shall visit Missionary at their place of service at least once each term, unless this is not possible due to
    the area in which our Missionary serves
  • 7. Shall send STM as possible if desired by our Missionary
  • 8. Shall reevaluate partnership upon end of term, change in ministry, change in location, change in budget or change in job description
  • 9. Shall prayerfully consider any special projects our Missionary presents to us
  • 10. If missionary is in the U.S., shall provide transportation to Denver for primary Missionary and
    Spouse, and local expenses to attend PEPC’s annual Celebrating Mission Weekend
  • 1. Shall provide preferred contact method and information
  • 2. Shall communicate with PEPC at least once each quarter
  • 3. If possible, participate in PEPC’s annual Celebrating Mission Weekend. If our Missionary cannot be present they shall provide a 5 minute video ministry update.
  • 4. Notify PEPC immediately of any change in ministry, location, budget, job description or changes or needs that will impact overall ministry strategy
  • 5. Reapply for support at least 90 days before the end of term of agreement
  • 6. Provide annual strategy and goals by October 15 for the following calendar year as well as progress reports
  • 7. Will communicate any project or STM needs for PEPC’s prayerful consideration
  • 8. Understands that failure to fulfill all of the above responsibilities may result in withdrawal of financial

Thank you for taking time to submit this MSA. PEPC has established a strategy for our mission involvement under which this MSA will be prayerfully considered. If this MSA is accepted, a term of support will be established in the Memo of Understanding (MOU).

You can expect a response from PEPC within three months.