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PEPC ELC follows all Colorado Department of Early Childhood licensing requirements including Health department mandates. For a complete update on our plans for Fall, click here!

Any additional questions can be directed to or call our office at 303-865-7418.

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This is an exciting time for children, parents and teachers.  It is when many years of happy and successful school experiences begin.  By teaching the whole child, differentiating for individual needs, and working closely with parents, we provide a safe learning environment where all children can thrive.  Our main goal is to make school a positive experience and to instill a love of learning, to help your child learn and grow in the love of Jesus and to promote academic, spiritual, social and emotional growth in your child.  We use a variety of different methods to engage and teach children such as: Orange Bible Curriculum, Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, Handwriting Without Tears and Frog Street. We strive to develop educated, confident, and caring children through the love of Jesus and are glad your child will embark on that journey with us.


Infant and Toddler

Infants – 6 weeks to 12 months

Children can come one or more days a week. 

Our infant program is play-based exposing children to a variety of textures, colors and sensory experiences. We encourage positive social interactions while providing a safe and caring environment. Our goal is to keep our children growing through working on age-appropriate skills while being supported with love.

Early Preschool – 12 months to 3 years

Children can come two or more days a week.

We have a structured day with many activities to help children learn appropriate interactions with other children in a group setting. We encourage children to make good choices by helping to establish trust, develop confidence and help them cultivate self control. Depending on the child’s developmental level we introduce letters, numbers and number meaning, colors, shapes, mathematical thinking, science inquiry, and cultural concepts in a variety of ways so that learning is fun and experiential.


Preschool classes are for children 3 years old.

The PEPC Early Learning Center Preschool program is designed around whole-child development and offers a variety of experiences including art, music and gross and fine motor activities. We introduce critical thinking through purposeful thought, planning and decision making, listening, questioning and through peer interactions. They will be introduced to academic basics such as letters, letter sounds, numbers 1 – 10, quantities, colors, shapes and other concepts through a biblically integrated play-based experience with fun, hands-on learning experiences.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten classes are for children 4 and 5 years old.

Our Junior Kindergarten Program prepares children spiritually, academically and socially for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. The Junior Kindergarten Classes at PEPC Early Learning Center use the Core Knowledge Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears. We integrate the Orange Curriculum to enhance the Core Knowledge Curriculum domain topics.

Our goals for your child while enrolled in Junior Kindergarten are:
That they learn of Jesus’s love, writing the letters A-Z (capital and lowercase), learn how to say these letters correctly, writing the numbers 1-20, sight words,  knowing the calendar (names of days and months), weather identification, perception and developing observation skills, understanding opposites, sequence comprehension (patterns and relationships), character education (positive values and attitude development), and health (body awareness).

Transitional Kindergarten

This class will serves as an alternative class for children who are 5 years old by December 31.

Transitional Kindergarten is designed for children who have completed Junior Kindergarten, or whose birth dates are after the kindergarten cut-off. This program prepares your child to meet the kindergarten expectations set forth in the Common Core State Standards, but with increased expectations of student performance, additional levels of academic rigor and enrichment opportunities to create higher levels of cognitive reasoning and understanding.

Transitional Kindergarten bridges the gap between Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten or first grade and will give your student the head start they need that will yield huge academic results.

Music and Worship

PEPC Early Learning Center is excited to offer music and worship as part of our core experiences. Music is part of our daily class time.

As part of the music and worship program, our ELC children enjoy singing, dancing, playing instruments and moving to all different types of music. The music curriculum complements all that is being taught in the classroom from our domain topics to Bible curriculum, including fun musical games, instrument exploration, listening, and movement experiences.

Our Chapel program is a large group worship time including praise, prayer, and monthly truths from our Bible Curriculum themes. For the 2020 school year, we are moving chapel from our lobby into the sanctuary, for better social distancing. We are also excited to have the PEPC Church Staff as guest speakers. This chapel experience will occur once a month. The music program also includes the Annual Christmas Program, Intergenerational Choir, and Graduation Ceremonies as well as classroom celebrations.

We recently constructed a music in the outdoor classroom for children’s outdoor exploration and expression.

Orange Curriculum

At PEPC Early Learning Center, we take pride in our Christian-based educational values. We use the Orange Bible Curriculum in all of our classrooms. Orange’s message is simple: The Church + Home = Greater Impact. We combine the light of the church (yellow) with the heart of the home (red) to create orange.

Orange provides a monthly theme, memory verse and “bottom line” with fun and interactive songs and motions to help children memorize these important messages in the classroom. Each week our children are learning a different Bible story and enjoy different crafts and activities to go along with each story.

Twice a month our entire preschool participates in Chapel, our large group worship. We all get together to praise God through song, prayer and stories. It is a BLAST!

YOU can get involved too! Download the Orange parent app, Parent Cue, from your Apple or Android app store. The app gives you wonderful ways to engage with your child through what they are learning in the classroom.

Follow PEPC ELC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for links to current media we are teaching in our classroom.

Additional Curriculum

Frog Street –

PEPC ELC’s Early Preschool classrooms use Frog Street for their curriculum. Frog Street is a fun, interactive curriculum that focuses on early brain development research, intentional instruction, developmental learning domains and an emphasis on social and emotional development. Each domain topic comes with a literature library, photo activity cards, manipulatives, art activities and much more!

Core Knowledge –

PEPC ELC uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum in our Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten programs. Core Knowledge balances the acquisition of skills with acquisition of knowledge. The curriculum is designed to build on children’s problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and give them the basic core knowledge that all children should know to succeed.


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Break Camps


Registration for PEPC Early Learning Center Summer Camp is NOW OPEN! Our June Camp Session will run June 1 – June 26 and our July Camp Session will run July 6 – July 31. We have exciting weekly themes planned including STEM activities, lessons about nature and weather, focus on art and artists and so much more!
PEPC ELC continues to follow all State, Tri-County and CDC regulations and recommendations. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to bring our school-aged campers on off-site field trips. We will provide a wide variety of fun and educational in-house experiences for all our campers. All in-house experiences will be $7 per child.
We will continue to update our plans as guidelines change. Please call or email with any questions!
**Due to COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, all current field trips are subject to change and may need to be rescheduled or canceled. Information regarding rescheduling or cancellations will be communicated to parents as soon as it becomes available. Alternate activities will be scheduled for the day if there is a cancellation and you will not be charged the field trip fee.
June Summer CampJuly Summer Camp

Fall Break

Fall break is scheduled for October 12-16. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting things we are planning!

Winter Break

Winter Break is scheduled for December 21st to January 3rd.

Spring Break

Spring break camp is scheduled for March 15th – 19th.

ELC Events

ELC News

News - ELC

January 2020 Overview

Its’ time for a Beach Party—sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun! Jesus spent a great deal of time on or near the beach. In fact, He performed MANY miracles near the water
February 7, 2020
News - ELC

December 2019 Overview

The very first Christmas was a string of God planned events that came together to create a wonder-filled story that would be told again and again and again. God sent His Son to earth in the form of a human baby who grew to be someone like no other. Ultimately, He gave His life for us.
January 8, 2020
News - ELC

November 2019 Overview

“Can you say thank you?” How many times will a child be asked that question in their preschool years? We ask them again and again because we want to help them learn to be thankful.
December 3, 2019
News - ELC

September 2019 Overview

When is the last time you took the time to really look at everything God made? Taking a moment to take a walk outside or look up the wonders of the world online will totally change the way you share this month’s Bible stories with preschoolers.
October 25, 2019
EmploymentNews - ELC

Early Learning Center Open Positions

Early Childhood Music and Worship Teacher Early Learning Center music teacher – part-time, 10-15 hours a week. Provide joyful musical and worship experiences for our youngest ministry. PEPC ELC is 6 weeks – 6 years and includes incorporation of the Orange (Bible) curriculum and a weekly chapel worship experience. This teacher needs to be or eligible to become, Lead qualified. If you love Jesus, love children, silly songs, and crawling around on the floor, this is the right place for you. Position includes seasonal extra hours for planning and producing Christmas program and other seasonal celebrations (graduation, Easter).  Additional classroom or administrative assistance hours may be available. This position could be combined with other part-time opportunities in the ELC. Contact or call our Directors in the ELC office at 303-865-7418, if you are interested. Pay range $15-19 Lead Teacher Early Learning Center Lead Teacher - Part-time 15-25 hours/week. Hand-prints, singing, hugs and smiles. If you enjoy spending time with our little's and nurturing them through their developmental journey, building relationships with parents and finding the next fun way to connect children and families in the love of Jesus, we have a space for you. Must be ECE Lead qualified.…
July 8, 2019