Pursuit of Happiness: A Study in Ecclesiastes
Beginning the middle of June

The pursuit of happiness. It’s an “inalienable right” according to our Declaration of Independence. It’s embedded deep in our national consciousness as Americans. It’s something we believe deep in our bones. Deep in our hearts. And yet, it’s also something that eludes us. Medical research suggests it’s because we’re looking in the wrong places. We’ve exchanged “pleasure” for “happiness”, chasing dopamine fixes instead of the long-term contentment that flows from increased serotonin levels in the brain. The result is a strung-out lifestyle that always leaves us craving more. Strangely enough, the greatest and wisest king of Israel fell into this same trap. He actually wrote a book about it called Ecclesiastes in which he explores the true meaning of happiness. He vulnerably shares his own struggles and temptations and how he found his way back to God. Friends, this series could not be more relevant for the times we are living in. The viral pandemic has upended all of life and forced us to re-think and re-order our priorities. Join us and invite your unchurched friends as we explore where to find true happiness this summer!