PEPC, let’s REBUILD TOGETHER! We’ve been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity over this past year. Our busy schedules have been cleared. All our activity has ceased. Life has ground to a halt.  Now we are seeing Covid numbers go down, people getting vaccinated, and restrictions easing. Before we simply start to add everything back in and go back to the way things were, we have the opportunity to re-prioritize.  To re-order our lives in accordance with the sacred rhythms God has set. To re-connect with God and with one another here at PEPC in new and fresh ways.

Join us between services on April 11 from 9:30-10:30am as we begin Rebuilding Together! We will gather, serve breakfast and there will be opportunities to sign up for the women’s IF gathering, men’s breakfast, dinner groups, and much, much more! There will opportunities for people of all ages from children to students to singles to families to seniors all to be in community at PEPC again!

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