October 2019 Overview

By November 1, 2019 November 5th, 2019 News - ELC

We love our superheroes. We love their strength and bravery and how they use their special powers and super weapons to save the day. Whether it’s a lasso that forces truth telling or a trident that manipulates water, it’s always exciting to watch!
What about in real life? We all want to be strong and courageous. We all want to say we would be brave when faced with fear. But how? What can help us be brave? How can your children be strong and courageous SUPER KIDS without the capes and super powers we see in the movies? This month we plan on giving them the answers to all of these questions while having some superhero fun!
We want your children to grow up knowing that they can be brave, because God is with them. Yep! God can help them be brave! And they don’t even need a cape or a mask!

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