February 2020 Overview

By March 1, 2020News - ELC

All Aboard! Jesus Loves everyone, and He wants everyone to come aboard and be His friend forever. When we look at the kind of friend Jesus was while He was on earth, we can see that Jesus truly does love everyone. Throughout the Bible, we find accounts of the times that Jesus loved those considered unworthy and wanted to be their friend – no matter what.

At some point, even our precious children will all find themselves in the shoes of the “unworthy” people. Like Zaccaeus, they will have friends mad at them for a wrong choice. Or, they may not feel like they fit in because of where they’re from much like the woman at the well. But, Jesus loves them anyway – no matter what. That is what we want them to know. That will help them choose grace and to love everyone the way Jesus loves them.

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