Gospel Politics

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We are REQUIRING that every person pre-register for worship services held at PEPC so that we are within the Covid guidelines for Douglas County.

Indoor worship
  • 8:30am (not 8:45am) and 10:30am – Worship Center
  • Limited Seating for worship
  • Children’s Programming only at the 8:30am (limited spots)
  • Masks required for 10 and older in the worship service and for children’s programming masks are required for children 3 and up.
8:30am Oct. 25 Registration 10:30am Oct. 25 Registration
Hillside Watch Party (weather permitting)

Canceled for October 25 due to weather!

Live Stream 

We will live stream the 8:30am and 10:30am services. 

Live Stream Weekly Bulletin

Gospel Politics begins Oct. 4

Politics. It’s a dirty word. Perhaps an even dirtier business. It certainly doesn’t belong  in the church, right? Wrong. There is not one area of life over which Jesus does not reign as Lord. As we head into what promises to be one of the most difficult political seasons in recent memory, where can God’s people go to find hope? To find wisdom? To find perspective? What does God have to say about human politics? How do we engage in a distinctly Christian way in the political sphere? How can we avoid the temptation to make idols out of political power and social policy? How should we respond post-election win or lose? This fall, PEPC is definitely going where angels fear to trod and engaging the most important question of our time. Make sure to invite your friends and family to join us for our series on Gospel Politics!