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Weekly Bulletin and Songs PEPC Live Stream

We request that every person pre-register so that we are within the Covid guidelines for Douglas County. You can register for each service below according to the date.

Sept. 20 Registration Sept. 27 Registration

Our hope is that on October 4th we will be able to move back inside! We are finalizing these details as a staff.  The spots will be limited for worship and children’s programming so watch for registration to come out soon. We will continue to live stream our service for those who do not feel comfortable worshiping indoors.

Begins August 30

Fundamentals. It’s what we all go back to when things seem out of control. It’s where we find a touchstone that grounds us. What we are experiencing in our world is nothing new to God. It’s nothing new to God’s people. For centuries, God’s people have faced pandemics, political chaos, suffered injustice, endured persecution, struggled economically and socially and culturally in all sorts of ways. So how did God’s people not only survive but thrive? They held fast to the fundamentals of the Christian life. Baptism. Communion. Preaching. Fellowship. Prayer. Taken together, these spiritual practices have sustained Christianity since the beginning and they will sustain us as well. Make sure to invite your unchurched friends and family to join us for a four week series on what it truly means to be part of the covenant community of God!

Doug Resler
Senior Pastor