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Celebrating DCCC’s Grant!

By July 20, 2022October 20th, 2022Events, Events - Pastoral Care Ministry

Douglas County Christian Counseling (DCCC) was formed by PEPC in the heart of the pandemic, with the goal of providing licensed, professional mental health services to the most vulnerable in our community. Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Darrin Kessler, DCCC has partnered with other organizations in our town, such as the Douglas County Community Foundation, and great leaders like Mike Waid, to expand our services. DCCC recently received a foundation grant that will help expand the mental health services for our community! This is a celebration of the faithfulness and investment from our congregation over the last four years to the Transforming Lives Campaign, which made all this possible. We here at PEPC, are thankful to be part of such a beautiful and important movement of God!

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