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8:30am and 10:30am

This is how the early church is described throughout the Book of Acts and it is the driving force behind her miraculous growth. From a persecuted bunch of 120+ believers in the middle part of the first century to becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire with millions of adherents by the fourth century; truly the only explanation behind this explosive movement is the Holy Spirit. We want to invite you to make plans to join us starting the Sunday after Easter and invite your friends, family, neighbors to come along as well as we dive into the Book of Acts and discover how the Holy Spirit not only equipped and empowered the early church to advance the Kingdom of God but how He’s still at work equipping and empowering His church around the world today, including us right here at PEPC!

We have kids programmign at both services.

We also offer LOOP.  Stop by the Info Desk to see how you can get connected.