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9030 Miller Road
Parker, CO 80138
Children's Sunday school and nursery available at each service. High School and Middle School Sunday school at 9:00am in the Student Center.

PEPC Mission Memo of Understanding


    Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church (PEPC) Mission Memo of Understanding (MOU)

  • PEPC Mission Statement: A spiritually hungry people seeking to turn from sin, become like Christ, and share God’s transforming Word with the World.
  • PEPC desires to partner with Missionaries and Organizations who share its beliefs and goals to share God’s transforming Word with the World. When forming a lasting relationship, a clear understanding of each party’s commitments, responsibilities and authority is essential. This MOU serves to set down on paper the agreed upon terms between the partner and PEPC.
  • Logistics

  • John Draper
  • Ministry

  • See General Overview of Ministry, Specific Responsibilities of Ministry Partners, Five Year Strategy and Desired Outcomes and One Year Strategy and Desired Outcomes from the MSA.
  • Relationship Expectations

    • 1. Shall send monthly financial investment to contact info provided
    • 2. Shall provide list of Mission Team Members and Contact Information
    • 3. Shall communicate with missionary at least once each quarter
    • 4. Shall pray regularly for our Missionary
    • 5. Shall communicate Missionary’s status and prayer requests to PEPC’s congregation
    • 6. Shall visit Missionary at their place of service at least once each term, unless this is not possible due to the area in which our Missionary serves
    • 7. Shall send STM as possible if desired by our Missionary
    • 8. Shall reevaluate partnership upon end of term, change in ministry, change in location, change in budget or change in job description
    • 9. Shall prayerfully consider any special projects our Missionary presents to us
    • 10. If missionary is in the U.S., shall provide transportation to Denver for primary Missionary and Spouse, and local expenses to attend PEPC’s annual Celebrating Mission Weekend
    • 1. Shall provide preferred contact method and information
    • 2. Shall communicate with PEPC at least once each quarter
    • 3. If possible, participate in PEPC’s annual Celebrating Mission Weekend. If our Missionary cannot be present they shall provide a 5 minute video ministry update.
    • 4. Notify PEPC immediately of any change in ministry, location, budget, job description or changes or needs that will impact overall ministry strategy
    • 5. Reapply for support at least 90 days before the end of term of agreement
    • 6. Provide annual strategy and goals by October 15 for the following calendar year as well as progress reports
    • 7. Will communicate any project or STM needs for PEPC’s prayerful consideration
    • 8. Understands that failure to fulfill all of the above responsibilities may result in withdrawal of financial support
  • Marshall Ekhoff - 12/19