Sundays at 8:45am and 10:30am
9030 Miller Road
Parker, CO 80138
Children's Sunday school and nursery available at each service. High School and Middle School Sunday school at 9:00am in the Student Center.


Our MissionariesMissionary Prayers

These are the missionaries PEPC proudly sponsors:


Mark and Kristi Becker

Mark and Kristin Becker dba Pikes Peak Academy

Location:  Colorado Springs, CO

Mission Field:  Educating kids at risk and walking alongside them and their families, social justice, evangelism.


Steve Budnack

Organization: Parker Task Force

Location: Parker, Colorado


pastor Chun

Pastor Ki-won Chun

Sending Organization:  Durihana

Location: South Korea, China (sensitive), Thailand, USA

Mission Field:  Smuggles North Korean refugees hiding in China to freedom; educates orphaned children of N. Korean parents; social justice and evangelism.


Randy and Dani Davis

Randy and Dani Davis

Sending Organization: SIM

Location:  La Paz, Bolivia

Mission Field:  Kids at Risk (especially among shoe shiners), social justice, evangelism, church planting.


John Duncan, Foundation for the Nations

Sending Organization:  Youth for Christ International

Location:  N. Ireland with projects throughout the world

Mission Field:  Raising money through the Foundation for grants to be distributed to approved Youth for Christ special projects around the world.


Ali Fraze

Sending Organization:  Word Made Flesh

Location:  El Alto, Bolivia

Mission Field:  Help women and children affected by prostitution and/or sex trafficking and provide job training through Suti Sana; social justice and evangelism.


Derrik Fleshman

Organization: D.C. Oakes High School

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado


Brittany Freyschlag

Sending Organization:  VisionTrust International

Location:  Colorado Springs, CO

Mission Field:  Liaison between VisionTrust and PEPC and other U.S. churches to connect them with the various VisionTrust programs around the world; coordinates sponsorship and fundraising drives and leads mission teams.


Griff Freyschlag

Organization: Denver Rescue Mission

Location: Denver, Colorado


Sara Guiterezz

Sara Gutierrez Reyes

Sending Organization:  Pilar of Hope

Location:  Reynosa, Mexico

Mission Field:  Director of Orphanage Pilar de Esperanza – helps at risk kids in the community: education, evangelism, job training.


Randy and Martha Halbedl

Sending Organization:  Frontiers through EPC World Outreach

Location:  Sensitive area of Southeast Asia

Mission Field:  Involved in training national believers to mobilize evangelism, prayer groups, and mentoring of national believers in practical application of outreach skills and church planting.


Peter Holder
Peter and Nancy Halder

Sending Organization: Youth First Concern, affiliated with Youth for Christ

Location: Asia (sensitive area)

Mission field:   6 children’s homes, pre-school, drug and HIV prevention programs, music and sports programs, family rehab center, family counseling, goodwill ambassador training program, guardian awareness program encouraged by Prime Minister, gypsy community ministry and farm programs:  fisheries, chicken and cattle farm, and vegetable gardening.


Amy Harrison

Sending Organization: Younglife

Location: Parker area

Mission field: Youth at risk, evangelism, connecting youth with good role models and youth camps.


Murat and Lyzzat Ibrahim
Murat and Lyazzat Ibragimov

Sending Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ

Location: Central Asia (sensitive area)

Mission field: Evangelism, church planting, reaching and discipling college students, training student volunteers, planning and carrying out student conferences.


Christina Johnson

Sending Organization:  Campus Life (Youth for Christ)

Location:  Parker, CO, area

Mission field:  Evangelism and discipleship of youth in the Parker schools.


Setan Lee
Setan and Randa Lee
– Directors of Transformasia

Location: Cambodia

Setan and Randa are founders and directors of Transformasia. Both were prisoners of the Pol Pot regimen during the Killing Fields of 1975-79. They live part time in Aurora, Colorado and rotate their time in Colorado and SE Asia.

Mission field: 5 centers including orphanages, church planting, children at risk “Joy” Day Care Center”, rice distribution feeding center, healthcare center and job training.


John and Carlene McCurry

Sending Organization: EPC World Outreach

Location: South Asia (sensitive area)

Mission field: Developing ministry through maritime business opportunities and guiding a team of church planters.


Ray and Linda Noah
 – (Petros Network board member Doug Boone PEPC)

Petros Network

Ethiopia, Sudan (sensitive areas)

Sending Organizations: Portland Christian Church, Southeast Christian Church, Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Mission field:  Church planting with indigenous pastors.


Oksana Park

Sending Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ

Western part of central Asia (sensitive area)

Mission field: Serves as a rare female director on a university campus in an unreached population with very few believers. Organizes conferences and plans opportunities for students to meet and grow in faith.


Nelson Paulino
Nelson Paulino
– Latin America Regional Director

Sending Organization: Vision Trust International

Location:  Latin America

Mission field: Children at risk, evangelism, church planting, developing and overseeing Vision Trust programs and staff.


Miriam Seaver  

Sending Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Location: Middle East (sensitive area)

Mission field: Helps produce audio scripts for teaching of major biblical characters. Teaches English classes under auspices of Wycliffe translators.


Andi Woodring

Sending Organization:  Campus Life (Youth for Christ)

Location:  Parker, CO, area

Mission field:  Evangelism and discipleship of youth in the Parker schools.

June 22, 2017

Peter Halder: Youth for Christ International


  • YFC students from children’s home passed high school finals and can apply for college admission.


  • Continued provision for YFC counseling program for teens.
  • God’s guidance for all ongoing programs.

Amy Harrison: Younglife Parker


  • Health, safety and open hearts for 15 students attending camp.
  • Strength and stamina for Amy as she prepares for camp mid Jul-Aug at Crooked Creek Camp.

Murat and Lyazzat Ibrahim: Campus Crusade for Christ 


  • Safe return home after two years at Denver Seminary.


  • For our daughter Zere’s broken arm to heal properly.
  • God’s guidance as we prepare to serve Him in our home country.

Setan and Randa Lee: Transformasia


  • Kambour Feeding Center now has electricity; refrigeration now possible.

Prayer: As Proverbs 31:8-9 instructs help us “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”.

  • For their safety and health.
  • Speak life, truth and the Way into those who do not know the Lord

 John McCurry: EPC Missions

Praise: First harvest of sea cucumbers as food for the people of many


  • For ways to raise funds for hatchery construction.
  • For a strong believer to lead in church planting

Nelson Paulino: Vision Trust International, Latin America Director

Praise: Productive training at VT for child development – great encouragement.


  • Leaders in Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and the Dominican will meet the challenge God has given them.
  • All mission teams coming to Latin America this summer will have safe journeys, good health and God’s plan will be accomplished

 Rose Sirna: Campus Life (YFC), Legend HS


  • Programs will develop as the Lord reveals His plan for the students at Legend HS.
  • For prayer partners and volunteers.
  • Funding to support programs