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9030 Miller Road
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Children's Sunday school and nursery available at each service. High School and Middle School Sunday school at 9:00am in the Student Center.

Worship Arts Ministry

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Weekly Service Times
8:45am, 10:30am
Kingdom Kids (Babies-5th grade) available both services

Son of God/Son of Man
Begins November 2017

Jesus.  Many of us claim to love Him.  Many of us seek to follow Him.  Without question, He is the single most influential Person who has ever walked the earth.  But do you know Him?  Do you know His story?  How it all began?  Where it all ended?  Why He continues to influence billions around the world today?  A new series is coming this Advent to PEPC!  Join us as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus alongside Dr. Luke and learn about Jesus’ miraculous birth, powerful ministry, excruciating death, and glorious resurrection!  Join as we learn about Jesus: Son of God/Son of Man!  Make sure to invite your friends and family!

Doug Resler
Senior Pastor

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October 14, 2018

Scripture Reading:
Luke 11:14-36

Corporate Worship Music:

All Creatures of Our God and King
Here I Am to Worship
In Christ Alone
I Saw the Light

October 7, 2018

Scripture Reading:
Luke 10:1-24

Corporate Worship Music:

Come People of the Risen King
Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy
Complete in Thee
For the Cause
Behold the Lamb (The Communion Hymn)

September 30, 2018

Corporate Worship Music:

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
Came to my Rescue
May the Peoples Praise You
For the Cause

September 23, 2018

Scripture Reading:
Acts 2:42-47
Acts 4:32-35

Corporate Worship Music:

All the Poor and Powerless
Jesus Paid it All
The Stand

May 27, 2018

Video Testimony: Steve Johnson

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“Worship is our response
to God’s revelation of Himself.”

When it comes to worship, we live in interesting times. The church is talking more today about “worship” than it ever has in its history, but perhaps is meaning less and less by it. Very simply put, “Worship is our response to God’s revelation of Himself.” We worship him because he deserves it, we worship him because he demands it, we worship him because he delights in it! Frankly, this has precious little to do with music, let alone any given style of music. Music, just like any other art form, is just one means of expression. Music is often how we worship, but ought never to be confused with why we worship. Its trajectory must be gospel-shaped and its focus Trinitarian: Father, Son, and Spirit.

SING! Denver

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Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1: Keith Getty: “Created, Commanded, Compelled to Sing”
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Plenary Session 1: Q&A
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Plenary Session 2: Keith & Kristyn Getty: “The Forgotten Imperative: Worship in the Home”
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Plenary Session 2: Q&A
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Interview Panel: “Broken Relationships: Pastors & Worship Leaders, Why is this so hard?”
(Keith Getty, Zac Hicks, Sally Morgenthaler, Dave Bullock, Doug Resler)
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Plenary Session 3: Zac Hicks: “How Every Part of Worship Shapes You”
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Plenary Session 3: Q&A
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Breakout Sessions

Zac Hicks: “A Touchy Subject: Shepherding Emotions in Worship”
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Caleb Widmer: “Change: Lessons Learned Leading Transitions in Worship Style”
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Sally Morgenthaler: “Facing the Dilemma: Staffing for Worship Beyond the Five-Song Liturgy”
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Dave Bullock: “Pastoring the People in the Pews: Why the Music Doesn’t Matter”
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There are various ways you can serve in the Worship Arts Ministry and worship experiences at PEPC.  Start by attending our worship services each Sunday and get a feel for PEPC and the Biblical, Relational, Intergenerational and Missional environment where we worship together.

There are many opportunities for various artistic expressions with the Worship Arts Ministry at PEPC and we would love to visit with you about your talents and gifts and how you might serve.  Individual auditions or review of skills are arranged throughout the year.  Please contact Matt DePriest or Katie Russell for further information.