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Worship Arts: People of the Book10.9.2016

Before we get too far removed from this past weekend (and I’m about to get really removed! 😉 …sitting at the airport with Sarah currently waiting to board our flight to Edinburgh), I wanted to say thanks for the privilege of serving with you!

I don’t take for granted the many blessings God has poured out on us at PEPC: an amazing facility in a beautiful setting; the privilege of gathering in a context where we have the freedom to worship without fear of repercussions. But most importantly,  it is the people that He has brought and continues to bring to PEPC that make her (us) special. It sounds a little weird to say that we are special, but it also is in some senses unhelpful to think of PEPC as a her, an entity outside/disconnected from any one of us. That is, after all, the point of what this “WE” series is getting at!
I am thankful for each one of you, which means, I am thankful for who PEPC is.

As you head into this week, I would exhort you to be “People of the book,” that is, people who are immersed, people who love and live by the very words of God. Purpose to find time each day to sit with your Bible. To create the calendar and mental space to let it speak to you. This is how we will accomplish our goal of being a spiritually hungry people seeking to turn from our sin, become shaped into the likeness of Christ, and in turn, share his living and active Word with the world.


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